Massage – a moment of pure well-being

Find peace, arrive and let yourself go. At Stibahlife, every single body is treated like the miracle it is. A miracle that needs healing care and mindfulness.

Effects of a massage on your body

The effect on our body as a result of a massage can vary depending on the massage technique. However, what most massages have in common is that they affect the skin, muscles and connective tissue by applying pressure, stretching or pulling movements.

For example circular pumping, twisting and scooping handles by the help of the hands, which make use of the elasticity of the skin, are used in lymphatic drainage.

A massage should not only have a positive effect on the area directly treated, but also on the entire organism. But not only the body, also the psyche perceives a massage as relaxing. The gentle touches can reduce existing stress.

When do we recommend receiving a massage

A massage can have a positive effect on one or more of the following complaints:

  • Back pain, stiffness and hardenings in the back
  • Tensions (including the whole body)
  • Poor circulation
  • Poor joint mobility and flexibility
  • (Soft tissue) injuries
  • Mental stress

A massage gives and costs energy. It is recommended to keep a minimum of 36 hours between several massage appointments in order to allow the body the necessary regeneration.

When should you forgo a massage

In general, massages are not recommended in case of skin diseases, wounds, inflammations, bone fractures and pregnancy with complications.

Please speak to a doctor in advance if you are unsure wheter a specific massage is suitable for you.

With us you have the right partner for full relaxation in a unique ambiance

Our unique massage room is located in a newly renovated old building in the heart of Zurich with unique stucco on the ceilings, beautiful parquet and detailed decorations. We created an oasis of well-being for you, which is perfect to relax and unwind.


Choose from our range of massages. Every single one is customized for your individual needs.

Classic (swedish)

Classic massage is one of the world’s oldest and most known therapeutic treatments. It relives tensions, indurations and diseases of the musculoskeletal system. Furthermore, it stimulates circulation, decongests the vascular and lymphatic systems and revitalizes the body and mind.


The source® massage is a relaxing massage created from the “esalen” massage contains elements of classic massage and various types of bodywork. Please not that the offer consists of a massage and a conversation to record the status quo.


The massage focuses on the affected part of the body head, shoulder, back or neck to help to more relaxation, well-being and health.


This kind of massage has the aim to eliminate restricted locally muscle hardening, which can be locally pressure-sensitive and of which transferring pain can emanate.