That challenge you!

To workout in a motivated and like-minded group of people makes it a lot easier to achieve your goals in a playful way.

No matter if you want to bring more variety into your workout routine, lose weight, gain strength, tone your body or calm your mind.

Our group classes are suitable for all levels from beginner to advanced.

Overview group classes


The term vinyasa is derived from „nyasa“ meaning „to place“ and „vi“ meaning „in a special way“. So vinyasa is a very flowy yoga style and a subcategory of hatha yoga. You place your body in a special way „asana“ and combine it with your breath. It is a dynamic practice that is often more playful than other styles. It will lift your heart rate in a positive way and guide you into a moving meditation – the connection between the body, mind and soul is made.


Initially, a bootcamp was a military training camp and therefore a very though and challenging workout. At StibahStudio the bootcamp combines different styles of exercise like HIIT, strength, functional and body weight training, partner exercises and everything else that challenges you to the limit. It is a very efficient way to take it to the next level, to gain strength and speed, to get stronger and faster and to have a hell of a fun!


A fun and very effective way of exercising. You learn how to protect yourself, how to dodge a bow and also how to react fast. Fitboxing improves your resistance, agility, strength and coordination. Therefore, practicing it regularly will dramatically improve your physical wellbeing, your fat loss and your overall fitness.


High-intensity intervall performance training. 20-60 seconds of intense exercises, followed by a short recovery period of 10-20 seconds. With our HIIT performance training you will burn a lot of calories in a short amount of time, your metabolic rate is higher for hours after exercise, it is an easy way to lose fat and to improve oxygen consumption. It can also reduce heart rate and blood pressure. And the most important thing – it is a lot of fun!


The combination of both worlds – Yoga and HIIT. The high-intensity intervall training brings your heart rate up and the yoga flow part strengthens your stability to make you a more complete athlete. You train cardiovascular to burn fat and tone your body. You will also focus on flexibility, mobility and balance to improve your inner strength.


Core power is a workout with the focus on the “core” of the body, the belly. Let us get the abdominal muscles moving in an intense 30 minutes workout with various challenging exercices!

Actual schedule

Monday, 05.45 p.m. – 06.45 p.m.
Outdoor Bootcamp
W/ Coach Carol
Belvoir Park ZH
Tuesday, 06.45 a.m. – 07.45 a.m.
Outdoor bootcamp
w/ coach CAROL
Rentenwiese ZH
On request
Online Vinyasa Yoga
w/ Coach Carol
Online via zoom call

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