Hi! I’m Robin

“Behind any successful business there is a structured organization”

I’m the Personal Assistant and responsible that everything works in the back office. Thanks to my apprenticeship and experience in different sectors, all bureaucratic belongings of Stibahlife and therefore yours as well can be served. When you decide to get in touch with Stibahlife via email, then the face behind this contact will likely be me.

Next to my daily business I’m also very enthusiastic of many kinds of sports and there I also count to take part in the trainings of Stibahlife, which are the perfect supplement and balance to my office work.

I’m absolutely a family person and trust as well as to support and believe in each other, may it be in the person itself or in new ideas and visions, are very important things for me in life. Therefore I am extremely grateful to recover this things at Stibahlife and proud to build on this big journey.

Henceforth, in case you need any information about Stibahlife, I’m your point of contact and looking forward to get in touch with you!