Personal Training

Achieve your personal fitness goals with the help of our educated and passionate personal trainers.

Profit from training sessions customized for your individual needs in the area of nutrition, daily routine and workout.

Choose your preferred training environment; Outdoor, in the StibahStudio or @Home.

Private Gym

Train independent for yourself in the private personal training room of your choice. Our 3 rooms are fully equipped for heavy weight, body weight and cardio training.

Entry every Mon. – Fri. 05.20 – 21.00 and Sat. 09.00 – 19.00.

Group Class

Become a part of our #Stibahlife Community and join our varied online or outdoor group classes:

Tue. 06.45 – 07.45 Outdoor Bootcamp, Rentenwiese ZH

Thu. 06.45 – 07.45 Outdoor Bootcamp, Rentenwiese ZH

Sat. 09.00 – 10.00 Online Vinyasa Yoga


Receive advice for general questions from our midwife (BSc), take part in a private pelvic floor training or benefit from the Tupler Technique ® Program to close a possible Diastasis Recti and to strengthen the connective tissue between the abdominal muscles.


Would you like to know how your company can be healthier and therefore more efficient?

Let us help you to increase your overall performance and create a leading company by example.

Get in touch!

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