Going inwards – private breathwork group session

Conscious connected breathwork for the heart & soul

We invite you to a safe and nourishing space to drop into yourself with tenderness and softness. For you to connect deeper and receive the medicine of breath.

Join us for a group breathwork session guided by Marta (Rewild & Play), an Alchemy Of Breath breathwork facilitator.

Marta will introduce you to the conscious connected breath method and create a safe space for all to arrive into the body, drop in and breathe together.

The breathwork journey will be approximately 50 min and it will be accompanied by music, guidance and touch (if desired).
Afterwards, we will come back slowly and gently to integrate the experience with a sharing circle, grounding practices, tea & snacks.

Come as you are.

Come breathe with us.

Come breathe into your soul space.

Conscious Connected Breathwork is a transformative practice and pure magic when shared in a group setting. You will be guided through the entire experience and you don’t need to do anything else, but show up, exactly the way you are, no need to prepare, no need to change anything. No previous experience to breathwork is necessary neither. 

Marta Selah

Breathwork i a self-healing, therapeutic technique and a body-centric practice that involves the conscious alteration of natural breathing patters that lead to non-ordiary states of consciousness, where uncoscious and previously repressed thoughts, sensations, energies and emotions, that are held in the body, can more easily rise to the surface for integration. It is a major tool to use when practicing reconnecting with your own body – dropping from te mind space to the realm of your body to eventually, with time and practice, repattern the mind-body system, fostering healing and forming deeper, more meaningful connections to self, others and life itself. 




6:30 – 20:00 pm


StibahLife, Freigutstrasse 10, 8002 Zürich


CHF 75.- for one spot
CHF 140.- for two spots 
(excl. VAT)