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Our doors are still open for Outdoor Personal Trainings, Massages and Midwife Consulting as of December 22nd, 2020

We kindly welcome you to our place of well-being, full relaxation and calmness.

At our high quality boutique massage room you can dive into something special, escape daily life and take some time for yourself.

Our massage therapists and health experts were carefully selected, because of their many years of experience, knowledge, personality and passion. We strive for the very best service for you, may it be in terms of high quality, the care of your health and well-being or transparency.

Choose from our wide range of massages. Every single one is customized for your individual needs.

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Classic massage (Swedish massage)

Classic massage is one of the world's oldest and most known therapeutic treatments. It relives tensions, indurations and diseases of the musculoskeletal system. Furthermore, it stimulates circulation, decongests the vascular and lymphatic systems and revitalizes the body and mind.

Sport massage

This kind of massage is an addition to the classic massage, whereby the same or additional grips are used to respond to the specific needs of the client. The sports massage improves performance, loosens the muscles, supports regeneration, reduces the risk of injury and relieves pain in the recovery process.

Injury massage

The injury massage is dedicated to specific areas which have been damaged or affected after injuries and accidents to maintain or improve the health with the aid of specific grips.

Medical massage

The aim of this kind of massage is to rehabilitate or preserve the health. Pain resulting from a limitation of the musculature are treated, the circulation and metabolism are stimulated.

Therapeutic massage

The therapeutic massage makes it possible to relieve pain, relax the body and work on a specific body part or problem, such as frozen shoulder, back pain etc. By using techniques such as drainage, friction and compression, the massage therapist enhances the body's natural restorative functioning.

Thai massage

Thai massage uses gentle pressure (through the ball of the thumb, knees, elbows and feet) and stretching techniques to relax the whole body. This is an ancient healing practice that originated in India.

Deep tissue massage

With the aid of firmer pressure and the deep work into the muscles, tissue relieves and heals muscular pain. This method is often used in conjunction with sport injuries, after operations or chronical diseases.

(Foot) reflexology massage

The reflexology massage supports in case of pain treatment and circulatory disturbances by massaging reflex points.

Craniosacral therapy

With this kind of massage certain points such as the head, neck, sacral bone, spine and pelvis are massaged. This method is often used in conjunction with injuries in the range of the head and spine.

Trigger point therapy

This kind of massage has the aim to eliminate restricted locally muscle hardening, which can be locally pressure-sensitive and of which transferring pain can emanate.


A technique in which essential oils and relaxing massage grips are used to alleviate illnesses and to improve the moment of well-being.

Lymphatic drainage

This kind of massage helps to remove accumulative fluid blockages from the tissues by activating the lymph system using different kinds of grip techniques.


Purpose of this practice of energetic work is after which the health is influenced and improved by laying on of hands and symbolic work.

Pricing list

40 min. Massage / CHF 105.-

1 x 40 min. Massage (choose from our wide variation of massages)

60 min. Massage / CHF 150.-

1 x 60 min. Massage (choose from our wide variation of massages)

90 min. Massage / CHF 195.-

1 x 90 min. Massage (choose from our wide variation of massages)

120 min. Massage / CHF 240.-

1 x 120 min. Massage (choose from our wide variation of massages)

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