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Who we are

We are human… we are wife, husband, athlete, worker, yogi…we are you!

Stibahlife more than fitness!

We are Stibahlife. “Stibah” means “habits” read backwards. With our all-embracing and holistic approach we transform your habits and your life to create the best version of yourself.

Who brought Stibahlife to life?

We, Carol and Tobias Bertschinger (Co-Founders of Stibahlife), have been working in the fitness and health industry for over 8 years. 8 years of experience in the Personal- and Group Training, Health and Nutrition area and we realized that we need to do the next step. The biggest motivation were our clients who appreciate our high quality service, our efficiency, our humanity and the fact that we think further. With Stibahlife we are able to change more than only the physical body. In a world full of stress and pressure, the attention must be drawn to the human as a whole. With our approach Training – Healthy Food Delivery – Nutrition Coaching – Meditation – Habit Change - we are able to meet the client on the level of her / his true needs.

What makes us different?

- Every single one of you matter
- We change habits, not only physical bodies
- We deliver you healthy food to support your transformation
- Our Boutique Personal –and Group Class Studio is never crowded
- We created a space of well-being and good vibes
- We work sustainable – for every abonnement sold, we donate CHF 1.- to a charity organization
- We always find your individual solution
- We provide high quality service

Tobias & Carol abouot us

Why should you choose Stibahlife?

Our biggest motivation is you! No matter what your goal is, we will find a solution and make it happen. We understand you and your excuses, but with our support there will be only solutions instead of excuses.

Our Mission

Our mission is to combine our existing and future health products on- and offline. We see it as our clear goal to provide you the best service if in a Personal Coaching Session, a Group Class Training or Online Coaching Program. With the combination of workout, meditation, healthy food, recipes, retreats, workshops and delivery of food we accomplish a unique wellness experience. The overall transformation.

Our Values

We listen carefully and communicate clearly and respectfully.

High quality
High quality, not quantity. We strive for the very best service. Customer is king.

We are committed to bring the best experience to people's life all over the world.

We walk the talk. It’s our duty to walk with you from point A to Z of your transformation.

Life is a marathon and not a sprint. We place high value on being sustainable at the Stibahstudio, with the products we use and the contribution we make with every abonnement sold. We donate CHF 1.- of every abonnement to a charity organization, because giving back is very important to us.

Our Vision

Our vision is to connect people all over the world and to build a community. To offer every single STIBAHLIFE-Follower his or her solution for more quality of life. Everyone is different and unique, but in the end, everyone wants to be healthy, happy and high on life. With STIBAHLIFE we manage to cover a broad range of your life and to transform your habits into the best version of yourself.