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StibahLife’s goal is to make you feel comfortable and great in your own skin! Located conveniently near to Paradeplatz and Enge Zurich, StibahLife offers the highest quality of Personal Training, Personal or Group Yoga, Group Fitness Classes, Corporate Health Management and supports you in creating your healthy habits. 

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Personal Training

Achieve your personal fitness goals with the help of our educated and passionate personal trainers.

Profit from training sessions customized for your individual needs in the area of nutrition, daily routine and workout.

Choose your preferred training environment; Outdoor, in the StibahStudio or @Home.

Personal Yoga

Dive into the magic of yoga. No matter if you are new to yoga or a lifetime student, our yoga teachers will help you to explore new spaces, guide you through your asana practice and be there for you to learn more about the different breath techniques, meditation, the philosophy and a lot more.

At StibahLife we offer you a safe and private environment that allows you to be fully present and enjoy the journey.

Group Fitness training

Become a part of our #Stibahlife Community and join our varied online or outdoor group classes:

Tue. 06.45 – 07.45 Outdoor Bootcamp, Rentenwiese ZH

Thu. 06.45 – 07.45 Outdoor Bootcamp, Rentenwiese ZH

Sat. 09.00 – 10.00 Online Vinyasa Yoga


Would you like to know how your company can be healthier and therefore more efficient?

Let us help you to increase your overall performance and create a leading company by example.

Our biggest motivation is you!

No matter what your goal is, we’ll find a solution and make it happen. We work in a team of health experts and trainers who are human, wife, husband, athletes and workers just like you. We understand you and your excuses, but with our support there will be only solutions instead of excuses.

The motivation and strive of you as client and the know how of our health experts and trainers are the perfect mix to succeed on your health goals!

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Client feedbacks  

Einmal Stibahlife, immer Stibahlife. Absolute Profis auf ihrem Gebiet, welches das junge Team führt. Vielen Dank, dank euch habe ich wieder die Freude am Sport entdeckt.

As someone who has always struggled to find the right fitness routine and stick to it, I am beyond grateful to have found Stibahlife. The combination of Personal Training and Boxing with Tobi and joining Carol’s Yoga Classes proved to be a game-changer for me. Not only did it help me improve my physical strength, flexibility, and overall fitness, but it also had a positive impact on my mental well-being. Thank you very much Carol & Tobi!

Sehr cooles, motiviertes und professionelles Team. Es macht richtig Spass bei Stibahlife zu trainieren. Ich konnte mich physisch stets verbessern. Das Studio und die Möglichkeiten sind top. Kann ich allen weiterempfehlen.

I love the Personal Trainings at Stibahlife. It’s so different to other studios, as Carol and Tobi really care about their clients. Every single session is individually targeted to my needs and goals. The Personal Training sessions at Stibahlife have truly transformed my life and have helped me achieve my health and fitness goals in ways I coudn’t have imagined. I am looking forward to all that’s still to come:)


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